Oasis of Loiyangalani Kenya – Combat Desertification – Water Resource Management

  • Lorenzo Vallerini, Giancarlo Ceccanti
  • in “AQUA mundi – Journal of water sciences”, Volume 02, Issue 01, June 2011, Production Scribo s.r.l., Firenze, 2011
The article on “OASIS ECOSYSTEM” describes the projects carried on by the University of Florence, the Water Right Foundation (WRF-Florence, Italy) and the Acquifera Onlus (Florence, Italy) have been developed to promote and improve local economic development for the populations of Loiyangalani, village-oasis located in the district of Loiyangalani (north Kenya, along the Turkana Lake) by providing training and information for the management and protection of local ecosystem-resources, to fight desertification, to realize a prototype of “new vegetations” and to enhance the water resources.