Landscape Planning

1998 Protected Natural Area of the Monteferrato (A.N.P.I.L.)


Municipalities of Montemurlo, Prato and Vaiano, Province of Prato –Tuscany- Italy



  • Studies, researches and plans
  • Feasibility Plan
  • Structure Plan for the Protected Area of the Monteferrato
  • Spatial and management planning rules


  • Approval of the Territorial Plan for the  ANPIL – Establishment Measures: DCR n. 256 16/07/1997 – PA Official List: EUAP1028
  • Editing and publication of the volume L’area protetta del Monteferrato. Studi ricerche piani, Società Editrice Fiorentina. , Florence, 1998
  • Establishment both of the Protected Area Monteferrato and the Management Authority, 1998


Designers/ Lorenzo Vallerini – Architect, Landscape Architect, Planner and  Responsible-supervisor of the Planning  Research Group and for awareness and information.

Soc. Agriforest, Forestry; Agriprogram  s.a.s., Agronomy; arch. V. Brilli, Services and Buildings; D. Lastrucci Tozzi, Historical sites; arch. F. Micaelli, Urban planning ; Planstudi 80, Fishing and Hunting; C.Ricceri, Botany; G. Tozzi, Zoology and Geology; Union Contact, Graphic.


Size/ Land Surface Area (ha): 4.486,00-Provinces: Prato-Municipalities: Montemurlo, Prato, Vaiano.

Main Land uses: 69% woodlands, 28% cultivated areas , 3% urban areas and other areas. 

Behind Prato, hills formed by peculiar green rocks (green marble)  Monteferrato Protected Area  lies within the hilly-mountain system delimiting the Florence-Prato-Pistoia plain in the north. The area was named after the mountain complex of Monteferrato, a pre-apennine spur formed by three peaks  reaching a maximum height of 420m above sea level and characterized by peculiar geological features given by the abundance of ophiolitic rocks, which led to the formation of a unique biotope, completely different from the surrounding natural environments from an ecological point of view.

Established in 1998 by the Municipalities of Montemurlo, Prato, and Vaiano, it is jointly managed by these Municipalities, the Province of Prato, and Val di Bisenzio Mountain Community.

The several censuses and floristic research activities that have been carried out during the years in the protected area have highlighted its considerable richness of flora, which includes over 900 species (among superior plants, ferns, and cryptogams), about 1/6 of the whole Italian flora.

The need of a long time to conclude the planning and establishment phases has been necessary to involve local people and four different public authorities into the management system that today is working quite well for the conservation of the landscape and the recreational activities.


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