In ARCHLANDSTUDIO plan, project, landscape are the themes of work, research, experimentation and dissemination of a team of young and not-so-young urban planners, architects and landscapers.

The landscape design shapes are already on the site, we just need to know how to read and interpret them, which is “Select several places within the property according to the shape of the land and the ponds, and create a subtle atmosphere, reflecting again and again on one’s memories of wild nature” (Sakuteiki, or “Records of Garden Making”, Japan1028-1094).

This is the philosophy behind ARCHLANDSTUDIO‘s work, which has seen it deal with themes and projects on a territorial scale, such as landscape plans, plans for protected natural areas, urban green plans and environmental impact assessments, as well as on a project scale such as the landscaping of large infrastructures (roads, motorways, power lines, tramways, etc.), the design and recovery of parks, gardens and public spaces and the rehabilitation of derelict landscapes (natural sites, quarries and landfills, construction sites, etc.).

The participation in national and international competitions, an intense research activity with public bodies and many publications and books complement its professional activity.

ARCHLANDSTUDIO‘s work is carried out mainly throughout Italy, but has also found opportunities in other countries such as Denmark, Great Britain, Canada and Kenya.