Landscape Planning

1995  Landscape and Protected Areas – Province of Siena

The Province Administration of Siena, in implementation of the Resolution of the Regional Council of Tuscany n.296 / 1988 relating to the Landscape Regional Plan (Law nr.431/1985) and  to the Regional System of Protected Areas (Regional Law 52/1982), had updated its Territorial Plan  with the establishment of a knowledge framework and an overall assessment of the environment and the landscape.


Province of Siena –Tuscany- Italy.


1990 First Phase – Landscape Values- D.C.R. n. 296/1988.

1991 Second  Phase – Protected areas – Environmental and natural Values.

1993-1995  Third  Phase – Protected areas – Zoning and Boundaries.


Work Team AZIMUT Company/ L.Vallerini – Landscape Planning and Responsible-supervisor; Agriprogram s.a.s., Land Use ; Nautilus s.c.r.l., Natural Values; Pragma s.r.l., Data management; Ecosystems s.a.s., Computer Management; A. Martinuzzi, Secretary.


Size/ Land Surface Area of Phase 1 was the entire territory of the Province of Siena, excluding the 9 Municipalities falling within Val d’Orcia and Chianti areas  subject to a specific local plans, for a total of 27 Municipalities.Land Surface Area of Phases 2 and 3 involved 14 Protected Areas covering an area of about 133,000 hectares.

 The plan concerned:1. Cartography 1:25.000 with the categories of resources referred to the Law 431/85 (protected areas, national or regional reserves, forests and woods, lakes, rivers, streams, mountainous areas over 1200 meters, common land areas, archaeological sites, historical-architectural heritage) and protected areas referred to the LR 52/1982;2. Verification of Protected Areas boundaries of significant value and distinction among the different resources  through a census and cataloging of natural resources and environmental, naturalistic, landscape, historical and architectural values, with consequent degree of conservation and uses;3. Zoning of Protected Areas according to the categories referred to art. 10 of the L.R. 52/82  and proposed boundary changes. Collaboration with the provincial administration for the final zoning classification areas following public observations and draw up the  related landscape planning rules.